Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.5.x: Documentation and Manual

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Dev-only issues related to versioncheck.

Hidden features

In versioncheck versions prior to cpg1.5.x it has been comparatively hard to update the version information when a new package was going to be released, as the packager had to go through all changes manually. In cpg1.5.x (revision 3977 and later), the packager can simply add the parameter ?output=create to the URL to force the script loop through the existing entries and update the version / revision / MD5 hashes. You only have to copy the output of the screen and paste it into include/cpg15x.files.xml

Another "hidden" feature is the option to embedd the output into another coppermine-driven page to allow an initial check to be performed during first install.

However, something that needs to be done manually: if folders/files get added to the svn or are renamed, the change needs to be reflected in the XML file as well.

XML structure

The XML file is being updated when using the ?output=create parameter, but each developer who is adding a new file to the SVN repository is responsible as well for coming up with a corresponding entry in the XML file. The XML structure should be self-explanatory. Here's a list of possible entries:

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