Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.6.x: Documentation and Manual

Table of Contents

Converting cpg1.5.x themes to cpg1.6.x

To make your custom made theme from cpg1.4.x work with cpg1.5.x, you will need to make some changes. Remember to back up your original files, so you can go back to a working version in case something goes wrong with the modifications.

The files to be edited would be in the particular folder of the theme in the themes folder. For example, the files for the "curve" theme could be found in themes/curve

If you're using a default package that came with cpg1.4.x and comes with cpg1.5.x as well and if you haven't changed your theme files at all, you don't have to apply any changes and can savely skip this page. However, if you are using a custom theme or if you have edited one of the default themes (making it a custom theme this way) you need to read this page and do as suggested on this very page.

Make sure that the folder name of your custom theme differs from the default theme that you have based your custom theme on, i.e. make sure to rename your theme first.

You can not use a theme that was designed for cpg1.4.x with a cpg1.5.x driven gallery unless you apply the basic changes discussed on this page. This applies to all cpg1.4.x-themes.

Edit style.css

For all changes below, edit themes/your_custom_theme/style.css

Edit template.html

There have been only minor changes to this file, so the changes should be easy to apply. However, if you fail to apply the changes in this file, your upgrade will be incomplete and your custom theme will not work for cpg1.6.x. Just follow the instructions in this section thoroughly.
Open themes/your_theme/template.html with a plain text editor and edit as suggested below:

Edit theme.php

Many notable things have happened that will influence your modifications to your theme.php.

If you can, empty your copy of theme.php (of course you should keep a backup somewhere safe as a precaution) and then re-add the changes you need as if you were creating your custom theme from scratch, copying the relevant bits you want to see changed from the sample theme (as suggested in "The sample theme - a template to copy from") and then modifying your edits as you see fit.

Validation Methodology

Now that you have a functioning "style.css", "template.html" and "theme.php" you should verify that it is generating valid output.