Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.5.x: Documentation and Manual

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Adding/renaming/removing files

Target audience

This part of the documentation is not meant for end users of Coppermine, but only for developers. There is no support for this section, it comes as-is.


This document is meant to explain what needs to be done by developers when adding / renaming / deleting files to/from the SVN during development stage.

Naming conventions

Refer to the section "Naming Conventions" when adding new files or renaming existing files.

Adding files

If a developer needs to add a new file to Coppermine's core, here's a list of things that needs to be done:

Language files

Adding (user-contributed) language files to the package is a process that needs to be performed in various steps. Those steps don't necessarilly have to be performed by one single developer, but it's advisable that only one dev takes care of a language file contribution to make sure that everything works flawlessly.
This section is not aimed at end users who want to add a language file to Coppermine. Instead, this section is only aimed at members of the Coppermine developer team and nobody else than the team members. Please do not ask questions on the Coppermine support board that deal with the contents of this page, as they simply don't apply to you.

Renaming files

If a file name can not be kept (e.g. because of collision with naming conventions), it should be renamed instead of deleting the old one and creating a new one. The benfit of renaming is the fact that the version history will be kept in the Subversion repository.

Once a file has been renamed in SVN, you will have to make additional edits:

Deleting files

In a nutshell: what has been said above about renaming files applies to deleting files as well: after having deleted the file in SVN, make sure to edit the XML file used for versioncheck and the array of files scheduled for deleting by the updater.

Keep in mind though that before deleting core PHP files, you should discuss this with your fellow devs first on the dev-only board.